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Three Jocks walk into a bar...

And no, I'm not being racist about my fellow Scots, read on.

If you're heading out this week, best take a small dry mayfly imitation. There's a good hatch of brown/olive mayfly upwings on at the moment and on Loch Horn at least the fish were being super fussy.

Fished it on Tuesday, a mixed day of dull dry spells, showers and enclosing mist. It's chilly though, temperature did not exceed 10 degrees all day.

On arrival I met three visiting anglers, (all called Jock) which was a pleasure to see , thought they didn't stay very long, which was a shame as the fish switched on in the early afternoon.

Season end is in sight, and Autumn is not far away as evidenced by the geese returning and the browning of the bracken.

Results of the club day out/competition to Loch Lagg to follow once I've collected the pictures that were taken.

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