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Rays of light.... - Update 25/06/2020

Good news for those anglers who prefer the use of a boat. As from tomorrow , 26th June the boat on Loch Brora will be available again, keys and bookings through Lindsays of Golspie as per usual.

It's only going to be for "locals" at the moment, ie KW10 KW9 IV25 and IV28 postcodes , but its a start.

Scot Gov indicates stage 3 of the lock down ease will likely be July 15th, which should ope up the waters to all, fingers crossed.

The boats on Horn and Lunndaidh will follow as soon as they are in the water, I'll keep you updated.

fishing wise, I've not been out much myself, had a hard day on Loch Horn on the 14th June plenty fish moving on the south shore but completely transfixed on a sub surface hatch and I could not get them to commit to anything but a static caddis pattern, and even then they were hard going.

Saw some real nice fish head and tailing as well, including a couple Id say were in the 20+ inch range.

Caught a couple of the diploid stocked fish from last season as well. these are markedly different from the residents as they are very silver ,almost like a sea trout and are in good health.

Oh, and I saw the Osprey on Loch Horn take a very large fish from the wind farm end, Unfortunately he was too far away for a picture, but he struggled to take off with it.

Least he was catching!

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