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Orange is the new Black

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Another trip up to Loch Horn.

Having spoken to a club member who assured me he had a good outing the previous day and had caught all his fish on a particular fly , I quickly rattled off half a dozen and off I set to echo his success.

Arrived at the loch mid afternoon in 19 degree heat and a steady wind blowing across the loch.

Absolutely no surface activity whatsoever.

So I bunged on the fly in question and spent two hours flogging the water for no result. Lines were changed, leader lengths altered . Nothing.

Then came fly variation, at least ten different patterns tried in succession without any joy.

Then on went a dabbler incorporating orange dyed gallena (guinea fowl).

First cast, BANG fish on! Like manna from heaven the wear and tear of the previous hours gone. Not a big fish by any means but very welcome.

Next three all come to the same fly. "I wonder if the colour makes a difference?" Put on a big orange muddler, instant hits.

Great stuff, so I work my way around the shore picking off trout. Quite heavily weeded in the shallow just now making fishing difficult in some places.

Finally at the end of the day return to the boat bay. Decide to have a last cast as the sun went down.

The last cast promptly turned into about a hundred as it's clear there are plenty of fish in the bay as I get two double hook ups.

In the end any fly with orange in it appeared to be essential as anything else was ignored completely!

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