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Mayfly and hailstones.

Fish on!

The newly named boat on Loch Horn. A fitting tribute to a well respected local gentleman.

Only in Scotland can you have four seasons in the space of four hours.

Quick outing to Loch Horn for the afternoon. On arrival the shallows were full of dark Mayfly , and the fish were on. Head and tail rises visible all over the loch.

I had 8 fish in 5 hours which was a bit frustrating as urs which when the loch went flat calm I saw some real nice looking fish head and tailing (2lb +) but I didn't manage anything over about 1.5lb.

One of those days when the wind changes constantly and with it came sleet and hailstones, bitterly cold after balmy sunshine 5 minutes before.

The underneath of the stones in the margins are literally crawling with mayfly nymphs just now and the way the trout were packing them in today should bring on the weights of the fish quickly after the long winter.

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