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If they're not on top...

Then they're underneath, as I often say.

Fished Loch Horn today fir a couple of hours in between dropping the crotchgoblins off at school and collecting them again in the afternoon.

On paper it should have been an easy task. 15 degrees at 10am, a light breeze on the water and plenty of insects buzzing about the margins.

So why was it so quiet? Not a fish to be seen save for a very occasional rise.

Heading out into the water , I saw a few flying ants in the surface film. Perhaps there's been a big hatch I've missed and the fish are full of ants ? Still no surface activity.

Undaunted I opt for my usual set up, a sink tip nymph line and two dabblers.

After a few minutes a surface to air missile grabs the point fly. (Strike one to the 'Horny Devil')

After a short fight he's in the net.

First fish of the day. Love the big spots on these trout.

Carrying on, nothing else seems interested. I work my way round the weed beds and any features I can, nothing.

Time for a change of tactic. If they're not on the surface and all that...

So on went a di6 fast sink poly leader and three nymphs, two red ribbed dial bachs and a hares ear.

Ten minutes in and the second fish of the day was on. Good firm pull on a hares ear. Beautiful hen fish the colour of butter with massive black spots.

Off came the dial bachs and on went another two hares ear , a light coloured one on the top dropper and a gold head on the point.

Finally had cracked it, another three fish followed in fairly regular intervals. All on the point fly.

Unfortunately my so called di6 was floating like a Cork despite decreasing it twice, so I think I was just hitting the level the fish were at and no more or I'm sure I'd have had more fish.

Time to tie up a few more hares ears before my next visit!

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