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Heather (flies) and Weather 

What's happened to the summer? Middle of August already and it's chilly!

Fished at Lunndaidh today, after a night of heavy rain and a windy morning there looked to be a break in the weather so I chanced it.

Minutes after arriving a shower hit , and the wind changed direction to go with it, seems to happen every time I go up there!

Once again I took the float tube and paddled on up to the other side and worked my way along the bank. No real signs of fish moving , and nothing taking either. Curious.

Then I came across feeding fish in what I'll call "the shipwreck bay" on account of the abandoned boat that's found its way down there from the top end of the loch.

Managed a fish in the bay, took the fly on the surface and rocketed off. Great fight and a fat trout to boot.

Carrie on up the far bank, only for the sun to come out and wind dropped. And the fish disappeared.

Change of tactics and slime line went on. Nothing doing.

An hour goes by, figure of eighting nymphs , diawl Bach's and hares ears , weighted and unweighted , fly after fly. Nothing.

Then in the last hour and a half of daylight, the fish switched on. Fishing down the near shore, I was able to target fishing fish right in next to the bank. There were dozens of heather fly on the surface, trapped in the film , and the fish were taking them static. I managed another 9 fish from the shallows, dropping nymphs on their nose or static dry, great fun.

If you're heading up in the next few days I'd be taking heather fly patterns with you, the trout I kept were stuffed with heather fly and snails.

Oh, and I didn't get a picture but there was a big dog otter happily fishing away along with me for half the day 😂

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