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Frustration for the nation 

You'd assume I was talking about the current Political situation, but in this case, no.

Loch Lunndaidh last night was so frustrating, the author is still shaking his head! After a thundery and wet morning , the day had turned bright sunny and humid , so I headed up in the evening.

The loch was calm , with light ripple but a food few fish showing. Ten minutes out however, nothing showing as the sun intensified and the wind dropped to nothing.

A change of tactic still didn't produce any fish and for over two hours not a touch.

You get that despondent way, don't you ? where you start to think "there's no fish in this loch" it's daft, but your brain gets the better of you. Haha.

Then the sun was clouded out. Literally within 5 minutes the whole loch from end to end was bubbling with trout , dozens of them, hundreds of them, thousands of them.

I was in the float tube, and was watching fish feeding within a few feet of me, sipping sipping ,sipping on the surface. But I couldn't for the life of me what it was at first. I tried slow retrieving buzzers and nymphs, nothing.

Static dry, nothing .

Then I realised after grabbing a handful of water.


Fisherman's curse.


I managed six trout , including a double hook up. Every fish was 12 inches long.

I must have covered a hundred at least.

Once they are fixated on caenis they're single-minded. I had only brought one box of flies and nothing smaller than a size 12.

The successful tactic (for me anyway) was to drop a small black Zulu right on the fishes nose, but even then mostly they completely ignored it.

Amazing to see, frustrating to fish, but then that's fishing for you!

I uploaded a video of the hatch to the Facebook page.

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