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Blankety - blanked!

Well hello folks and welcome to 2021.

With membership open (for locals at the moment) I took a scuttle up to Loch Horn.

Quick blast up that hill on shanks pony gives a quick reminder how unfit I've become during the lockwown that's for sure!

Pleased to say the road has survived the winter storms at least.

Arriving at the Loch I was instantly reminded its not summer (or even spring) quite yet that high up.

Drifts of snow around the lochs more sheltered edges some of them several feet deep.

Undeterred I meandered around the Loch, and fished back over a couple of hours. With a cold wind on my back, there was zero signs of insect activity, but that didn't stop a few nudges and swirls at the fly, but nothing that connected.

Maybe Lunndaidh would be warmer?

I'll keep you posted.


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