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2022 ..... go!

Finally the covid restrictions are finished in Scotland

So many people I've spoken to feel the last two years are "null and void" and I can't blame them. Weddings, funerals, birthdays and all manner of other events cancelled or postponed.

None of which the fish cared about of course.

So today I headed up to Loch Horn for the first time this year. The roads still there, no washout over the winter which is always a good start.

The spring sunshine was very much tempered by a constant breeze coming off the sea, barely noticiable ar the car park but adding a distinct chill at the loch.

Plenty gnats hatching, and very small caddis landing to lay eggs, but no fish visibly rising.

Tried smaller caddis like wets to see if I could tempt a trout but had no joy so switched to nymphs on a slime line. Had a couple of knocks but nothing was taking.

Wind picked up in the afternoon , crashing waves and a good roll that had it been August and not April would have been absolutely perfect for a team of wets. 👌🏼

Finally, after nearly 3 hours a single fish came to the net, and on a pearly invicta dabbler.

Sods law, it jumped out of the net as I tried to get a photo!

Hopefully we have seen the last of the snow and the fishing will pick up as the month ends. I've seen some amazing trout coming off more southern waters already.

Tight lines.

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