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13.07.19 Soggy Bottomed Boys

Visited Loch Horn yesterday for a few hours float tubing in the afternoon.

Horn is ideal for the 'tube, it's relatively small and round in shape , with long stretches of shoreline with no underwater hazards and no peaty/muddy bottom to cloud up. It rarely gets a large wave, though it can be windy.

The wind was coming nicely down the loch , so I headed up to the far end on foot with the float tube, then set up and fished in the bay.

The wind was pushing emerging brown mayfly to the shore and several fish were actively feeding on the surface.

I paddled out a few yards and first cast BANG had a fish of 10 inches on immediately. Cast back out and BANG another. "This is going to be a good day" I thought. 👍🏼

I decided then to photograph every fish I caught , but after I was in the 20s I decided to give up on that idea!

With the wind pushing down the loch I fished the nearside bank, and had several fish at the stone 'benches' very close to the shore.

The weather was chilly for July but in no way cold, though I had to don a jacket as about 5pm it began to rain hard for a spell. This did not stop the fish rising however and I caught steadily throughout the day.

I landed 34 fish in total from 12.15 to 19.15hrs. Largest fish just over 14 inches, smallest 6 inches. Lost at least 6 and missed a dozen or so.

A great day for the fishing, if not for the weather , particularly when I discovered mid afternoon I had a tear in the backside of my waders! 🙈

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