Please note

1. In these Bye-laws the term "angler" means any person holding a full membership card or other permit to fish by rod and line issued by or on behalf of the club.

2. Rod and line fishing will only be allowed on the waters rented by the club during the period of 1st April - 15th October for Loch Brora and 15th March - 30th September for Lochs Horn and Lunndaidh.

3. Anglers shall:

a) Assist to the best of their ability in the detection and prevention of unauthorized fishing or of contravention of these Bye -laws.

b) Report at once to the secretary any observed case of fishing contrary to the Salmon and Trout Acts of Parliament, and these Bye-laws.

c) Exhibit their membership or day permit on demand by any Game Keeper  or Authorized Persons employed by the Lessors of the waters.

d) Exhibit their Membership or Day Permit on demand by a fellow angler exhibiting his/her own membership card or other permit.

4. Anglers undertake

a) Not to damage any growing plants or trees.

b) Not to light any fire save for in a safe place and to ensure that any fire is fully extinguished prior to leaving.

c) Not to leave any litter in the vicinity of the Club waters or the paths leading to the club waters.

d) Not to disturb or destroy game or remove or destroy game bird eggs.

e) Not to allow dogs to wander in the vicinity of the Lochs.

5. The issue of a Ticket does not permit the holder to fish other waters other than Club waters .

6. The Club and Lessors shall not be held responsible in any way for any accident or loss sustained by any angler fishing Club waters or using Club boats or equipment.

7. Any angler who willfully or negligently causes any loss or damage to the Club boat or boats or equipment appertaining thereto shall be liable for the costs of replacement or repair thereof.

8. No boat permits shall be issued to persons under 18 years of age , and not more than three adults shall occupy a boat simultaneously.

9. Any visitor by virtue of buying a permit thereby agrees to abide by the Rules and Bye -Laws of the club and any infringement of the Rules and Bye - Laws will render such permit holder to cancellation of their permit without recovery of any proportion of the subscription paid.



The Acts of Parliament relating to the Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing declare the following , among others , to be offences against Acts. In some cases they also apply to Brown Trout Fishing as follows :

A. Fishing without a legal right to fish or without permission in writing from a person having such a right.

B. Fishing in any inland water save by rod and line.

C. Fishing with Salmon or other fish roe or to have possession of such roe.

D. Willfully to fish for or take or possession of of unclean or unreasonable salmon or sea trout (kelts) or fish ripe for spawning.